Staying Motivated!

So this is a tough one for me, and something I’ve had to work on quite a bit since starting this journey.  I have always been used to having a boss and someone that would keep me accountable.  Now, I have to keep myself accountable and it’s very easy to procrastinate getting my work done.  I think it will always be a struggle but I have found some tips and tricks that I use to help keep me motivated and on track.  I will admit, sometimes I wish that I could just go back to being a landscaper in Temecula so I don’t have to worry about this stuff, but it will all be worth it in the end. Continue reading “Staying Motivated!”

My Journey Begins!

Financial Freedom

I never considered myself an entrepreneur.  I was raised in a blue collar family where your went to school, got a degree, and got a good job.  I never really considered any other way.  However, I never really felt like it was right for me either.  I didn’t really do well in school, and I never found anything that I was really passionate about.  Once I got my associates degree, I was out of there.

So there I was with an associates degree, and no real direction for my life.  Not having any idea what to do, I went back to work for the family business.  It was fine for a while, but wasn’t enough to satisfy me.  Then came the news that the family business wasn’t going to be around much longer.  What now?  I could try to find a decent paying job or I could spend a small fortune and go back to school, hoping it was worth it 4 years later when I was all done. Continue reading “My Journey Begins!”