My Journey Begins!

Financial Freedom

I never considered myself an entrepreneur.  I was raised in a blue collar family where your went to school, got a degree, and got a good job.  I never really considered any other way.  However, I never really felt like it was right for me either.  I didn’t really do well in school, and I never found anything that I was really passionate about.  Once I got my associates degree, I was out of there.

So there I was with an associates degree, and no real direction for my life.  Not having any idea what to do, I went back to work for the family business.  It was fine for a while, but wasn’t enough to satisfy me.  Then came the news that the family business wasn’t going to be around much longer.  What now?  I could try to find a decent paying job or I could spend a small fortune and go back to school, hoping it was worth it 4 years later when I was all done.

That’s when it happened.  I was wandering around the internet, looking for any MLM that looked like a good fit, when I came across a life changing video.  It was a video with a man that I didn’t know, explaining a different way of life.  I always knew in this day and age that there must be a legitimate way to make money online.  I just couldn’t find one that made sense for me….until now.  He was outlining a way to make money by helping small, local businesses generate business online.  I sat and watched video after video about this program and listened to endless testimonials about how this program has changed people’s lives.  I could hardly wait to sign up!  Since that day, I haven’t looked back.  Growing my own business and pursuing financial freedom for my family.

Since then, I’ve become addicted to learning and growing.  Any chance I get to add another skill to my arsenal, or to grow as a person, I jump on it.  I finally found my passion in life, and I hope that everyone has a chance to experience that.  We owe it ourselves, and to our families to be the best that we can be, and to provide as best as we can.